Pressure Washing can have dramatic results!

Pressure Washing can have dramatic results!

Power Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing Process:

   Pressure washing can enhance the appearance of your house, patio or driveway. However, it can also cause extreme damage if not done carefully. Pressure washers start at $300 to purchase and can go up to $900, save yourself this expense and allow us to do this for you with our professional equipment!

   When power washing the side of a house, extreme care is taken to not spray at an upward angle or directly into corners as this may cause moisture to accumulate underneath your homes siding. Furthermore, the correct amount of PSI (pounds per square inch) must be used to ensure no paint, sealant or stain is chipped away or removed during the process.

   Whenever we pressure wash, our trained technicians go above and beyond to ensure we clean your home, patio or driveway and cause no damage.

Wood decks, walk-ways, driveways & pool decks are priced competitively and based on the size and cleanliness. 

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